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"The Official Ghost Hunting Team 
for the 
City of Porterville"

We welcome you to Paranormal Movement Investigations aka: PMI. We are the official City of Porterville ghost hunting team hosting ghost tours at the Zalud House Museum.
The Zalud House built in 1891 has a long history of well know events of paranormal activity. The Zalud House Museum was bequeathed to the City of Porterville by the late Pearle Zalud to become an cultural arts museum in memory of her family. The home is filled with all the original furnishings. As the Curator of the Zalud House Museum, I have witnessed numerous of unexplained ghost lights, voices, footsteps, movement, shadows and things moved.  

If you are interested in visiting the Zalud House for a paranormal investigation, please email us at 

We hope to continue meeting other investigators like us who would like to work together in this "paranormal movement"  sharing experiences,  and help with fundraising events for the preservation of historical locations.

"Keeping it Real"