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Introducing Our Historian

Jeff Edwards, Photographer/Historian/Author
Jeff Edwards has written several titles on the history of Porterville, California and its surrounding cities. He has 1000's of old photographs of Porterville and the surrounding towns.
Jeff Edwards had interviewed Pearle Zalud for the last nine years of her life with a visit at least once every other week when Pearle was in town from 1961 til she died in 1970. He published  the book Zaluds of Porterville as requested by Pearle Zalud and the memory of her family. You can purchase your copy of the Zaluds of Porterville by visiting Mr. Edwards at 248 N. Main Street, Porterville, Ca 93257  (559)781-1225. The book is also available at the Zalud House.
 PMI and Jeff Edwards are dedicated to preserving the History of the Zalud House Museum and Porterville History. Jeff has compiled several historical skits that PMI and Jeff perform for schools, local service groups and organizations.
Jeff Edwards also works with PMI on the Facts & Legends Walking Tour of Downtown Porterville.Jeff has complied numerous old photographs of historical locations in Porterville to a Map Booklet that is given to all the guest attending the walking tour. The walking tour not only gives you the earliest history of Porterville, but stories of PMI's paranormal investigations around downtown Porterville.
* PMI and Jeff Edwards are currently working together on more projects about Porterville.
Jeff has written many other books about the history of Porterville and surrounding towns. Jeff is also available to do presentations and slideshows on many different Tulare county locations. Interested?  You may contact PMI to arrange a presentation or visit Jeff at Edwards Gallery at 248 N. Main Street in Porterville.
Titles of just a few of his books are:
Porterville Main Street  Book 1                                
Porterville Main Street  Book 2                              
Zaluds of Porterville                                              
Porterville This and That Book I, II, and III              
Porterville Facts-Lengends-Fires                            
Early Porterville History and Porterville Families    
                                                                           and many more...